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Oct 7, 2020


Jake Knapp is one of the most influential product designers living today. Formerly a product designer at Microsoft, Google, and Google Ventures, he’s the creator of the Design Sprint process, which transformed the way hundreds of enterprises and thousands of designers around the world approach new product design. He is also a bestselling author of two books, Sprint, and Make Time.



In this audio conversation we discuss:

  • Surviving covid and chaos
  • Finding positivity in hard things
  • Jake’s childhood and the sense of possibility
  • What is Design? Problem-solving or gooey rainbows?
  • What’s broken with how companies approach new products?
  • How did the idea of the Design Sprint come about?
  • How to explain Design Sprints to an unsuspecting person
  • Writing a science-fiction novel, resistance
  • And more!

* You can watch the full, unedited video conversation on the Remake Podcast Members community. We also discuss: Dogs, Spiders in Thailand, Quotes on the Internet, US Presidential History, the ReMarkable Tablet, and more.