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Oct 14, 2020


Shalev Moran is a Copenhagen-based Game Designer, a Game Design Director at PortaPlay, and was formerly the lead game designer on revolutionary art exploration game Occupy White Walls.

He runs the political sci-fi project Speculative Tourism, and is a member of organizations like the Designing Tomorrows collective, and the Game Arts International Network.



In this episode we discuss:

  • Shalev's early belief that the world is a complicated place.
  • His insight that Indy games might be going through a Nouvelle Vague moment where independent creators can express their artistic vision more freely.
  • His experience in the mainstream gaming industry at Plarium.
  • His work on the ambitious Occupy White Walls game - which brings art to the masses through an online gaming environment.
  • The radical Speculative Tourism project he worked on alongside designer Mushon Zer-Aviv, which explores futures through locative experiences.
  • His vision for a never-ending, ever changing game he calls Archipelago. 

* You can watch the full, unedited video conversation on the
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